Cloda brings e-commerce to the world’s most popular chat apps, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Cloda allows businesses to engage directly with consumers using chat apps and create a new global digital sales channel where customers already spend their time.  Cloda takes the friction out of a transaction.  All transaction details are automatically added to the business’s e-commerce platform, such as Shopify and WooCommerce.  The process is seamless. 

What problem does Cloda solve?

Conversion. 98% of the people who visit an e-commerce website, do not complete a purchase. Between 1 & 2% buy something.  Businesses globally spend billions every year trying to convert visitors into customers. 

The Cloda solution?

Engagement via chat can increase e-commerce conversion rates tenfold. Cloda enables e-commerce businesses to directly engage and sell to customers where they already spend their time, in chat apps like WhatsApp, Instagram & more. Increase sales via existing channels and create a new, highly effective channel for customers to use.   

SMS and WhatsApp messages are generally opened within 90 seconds of receipt with a response rate of over 45%, compared to just 8% for emails. Cloda has seen conversion rates as high as 20% after receiving just one message and over 32% of customers using Cloda’s “1 message reorder” feature.

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